Morningstar provides flexible web based access to real-time, historical, and customer-proprietary data to meet your data analysis needs in the natural gas, crude oil, power, agriculture, coal, and precious metal markets.

Morningstar Add-In for Microsoft Excel

The Morningstar Add-In is a high-powered tool that brings consolidated market data alongside Morningstar's rigorous quality-assurance checks into Microsoft® Excel®. The Add-In was developed by Morningstar in partnership with clients who demand fast access to large amounts of data over wide area networks. The tool is optimized for remote users and provides seamless integration into the user's local Excel® environment.

Morningstar MarketsSM Commodities Edition

Access the most comprehensive collection of global energy and commodity market data in one easy-to-web based platform that can be easily accessed from your desktop or tablet. Morningstar MarketsSM Commodities Edition allows you to analyze real-time energy market data and historical prices as well as news headlines, stories, and proprietary data.

Workflow Manager

Morningstar’s Workflow Manger is a configurable, automated tool that allows risk managers and analysts to apply their business logic to market and proprietary data in order to create actionable data points that they can integrate into their end systems or visualize in front end applications.


The Morningstar Marketplace provides users with direct access to the Morningstar commodity data. By utilizing an API delivery, you can eliminate the need to download and process large data files.

Implied Volatility

Morningstar Commodities & Energy now offers implied volatility data, which help establish the relative value of an option. Morningstar calculates implied volatilities and stores volatility surfaces, saving clients time. Morningstar also calculates implied correlations between securities and stores correlation surfaces, which are derived from spread options.

Commodity Query

Our premiere analytical software for modeling and evaluating time-series data. With a menu-driven interface that enables easy creation of near-English queries, Commodity Query is a powerful tool designed to help with a wide variety of tasks related to analyzing data for decision-making intelligence.


WebServices offers quick access to Morningstar data from anywhere around the globe. Built with performance in mind, Morningstar WebServices offers developers flexible methods for downloading and uploading market data.

Matlab, R, Splus

The Commodity DataServer connects to both S-PLUS® and MATLAB® mathematical tools for creating algorithms, analysis, software simulations, reports and graphs.